Tri-Coastal Energy Partners, LLC.  is a privately held woman-owned company specializing in trading physical fuel products, domestically and internationally. Tri-Coastal can also provide customers with the ability to secure financing.


Our market knowledge, industry standards and effectiveness set us apart as
experts in meeting our customers needs and requirements. We believe these intrinsic values provide our customers with the insight needed to sustain successful operations.

We have arrangements with most fuel suppliers in the energy market. Tri-Coastal applies a “vetting” process to all components of the supply chain, from the refinery to delivery to the customer. This ensures only qualified suppliers, buyers, terminals and transportation resources are used.



Tri-Coastal Energy Partners, LLC is a marketing firm that specializes in selling physical fuels, aviation, crude, diesel, gasoline, transmix and other distillates through strategic relationships with local suppliers as well as in the International market place. 




Diesel is the fuel of the future in many markets around the world. We work diligently to put buyers and sellers together for both Ultra Low Sulfur and Low Sulfur products. We specialize in bio diesel both with and without rins.


We work to supply refineries with flexible crude slates, both heavy sour crude and light sweet crude. We source from both the United Staes and abroad.


We trade both aviation and jet fuel, Jet A-1 and Jet 54. We source our fuel from refineries in the gulf coast and the mid west.


We can provide both C-bob and R-bob at  all terminals thru out the United States. 


We specialize in Transmix. We have an active market of both buyers and sellers, sourcing transmix from small to large loads. Negotiating the best market price in the industry for our clients 


Tri-Coastal Energy Partners, LLC gives added value to our clients with our long-term relationships with refiners, traders, distributors, and end-users. We work together with refineries and producers to create a market for by-products and to help our partners access the highest valued international and domestic markets. We stay abreast of market conditions worldwide, to give our clients innovative solutions to complex problems.


Tri-Coastal Energy is committed to the establishment of long-term relationships, creating win-win processing arrangements to provide value-added services for all parties involved. We focus on supplying customer requirements in a variety of areas of petroleum, logistics, and financing.


We value our customers, as we strive to not only meet but exceed expectations in every way possible. We look forward to our relationship with you.



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